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Our church began in 1973 when a young family came to Shelbyville to start a church. The Romans laid a strong foundation before being called to serve God as missionaries in Africa, where they are still faithfully serving the Lord.


Over the years, we have been involved in reaching Shelbyville with the gospel of Jesus Christ and the importance of the power of the Holy Spirit. We have always understood the importance of preaching and teaching God's word, but also the importance of serving in our community.


Over the last several years we have attempted to step up our community service, especially in our schools. Our Wednesday night student ministries have given us a great opportunity to reach students with the gospel. But we have begun doing service projects around town and in our schools to let Shelbyville know we are here to serve and to model the life of Christ.


Our Pastoral leadership

1973-1976 Marti and Brenda Roman

1976-1983 Jeff and Brenda Chatham

1983-1989 Wayne and Susan Boostrom

1989-2001Tim and Mary Smith

2002-         Don and Angela Jefferies


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